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Naturally fermented gut health shots based on Ayurvedic principles

Your digestive system can be fussy sometimes. An unhappy gut can make your life miserable. 

But there is an easy solution. Probiotics are the magic ingredient that allows your gut to absorb nutrients from food, boost your immune system, and keep you regular.

Your microbiome consists of all the bacteria in your digestive system. A diverse microbiome is your power tool for wellbeing. To achieve a diverse microbiome, you need to feed it a regular flow of probiotics to help digest food, fight harmful bacteria, and regulate your immune system.

Fermented vegetables provide an outstanding source of probiotics that fuel the bacteria in your microbiome to fight against daily offenders. Through lactose-fermentation, many beneficial enzymes, b-vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and probiotic bacteria strains are created that promote gut health. Maṇipūra does all the work so that you only need to spend a minute a day to achieve results. Maṇipūra gut shots bring you a variety of natural bacterial strains all in one shot to improve immune function, inhibit harmful bacteria, reduce cholesterol, promote good bacteria, and promote anti fungal activity. 


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Melissa S. via Facebook

“I love this product! Not only is it natural but it helped clear up a long series of digestion issues I had been experiencing. A shot a day, keeps the bad flora away. It's been 6months and I still use it religiously. The warming feeling I receive during cold winter months is a bonus with the ginger & beetroot variety. My absolute favourite! It's like giving your gut a BIG hug! Amazing stuff"

Janice G. via Facebook

"Manipura is brilliant product for gut health. Have just had Covid and been on antibiotics for 2 weeks and took Manipura  as a prebiotic; extremely effective.
Going to stay on hooked!"

Mark L. via Facebook

“Great product.
I found that I was more regular after using the gut shots. I now use 50ml every 4th day and found one bottle lasts me a month. Not too bad to keep your gut health in check for the month."
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