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Hanli H. via Google

"What an amazing product! My gut health significantly improved and all my IBS symptoms have disappeared since I started taking the shots. On top of that it is delicious and I feel so energized since I started taking it regularly! The earthy gut-shot is my favourite :)"

Lynda T. via Google

“Great product! Apart from a healthy functional gut I have found in only the second month of using these gut shots my sleep is better, I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night, my energy levels are way higher and best of all I have lost inches on my waste line. Thank you!"

Robbert K.. via Hompage

“Since being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2011, I resolved myself to having to rely on the drug Methotrexate for relief of my symptoms. This included stiffness, pain, and burning sensation in the joints. I discovered Manipura's gut shots a year and 3 months ago. It took 3 months for me to wean myself off the drug, taking 1 Manipura shot a day, and I can truly say that my RA symptoms disappeared completely! This product is a mayor lifestyle investment. I use it religiously."

Debbie T. via Google

"I have so enjoyed my gut shots from Manipura. Top quality product. I can highly recommend the warming beetroot and ginger."

Yolande B. via Google

"I love these gut shots. It’s amazing how eventually your body craves it… clearly giving the gut some much-needed love."

Jessica S. via Google

"Starting my day with a shot boosts my metabolism all day. It feels like a major investment in my lifestyle!"

Melissa S. via Facebook

“I love this product! Not only is it natural but it helped clear up a long series of digestion issues I had been experiencing. A shot a day, keeps the bad flora away. It's been 6months and I still use it religiously. The warming feeling I receive during cold winter months is a bonus with the ginger & beetroot variety. My absolute favourite! It's like giving your gut a BIG hug! Amazing stuff"

Janice G. via Facebook

"Manipura is brilliant product for gut health. Have just had Covid and been on antibiotics for 2 weeks and took Manipura  as a prebiotic; extremely effective.
Going to stay on hooked!"

Mark L. via Facebook

“Great product.
I found that I was more regular after using the gut shots. I now use 50ml every 4th day and found one bottle lasts me a month. Not too bad to keep your gut health in check for the month."


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